#ladieswhoinspire campaign

LCUS is excited to announce our #ladieswhoinspire campaign. LCUS is only possible because of the strong women who dedicate their time to our principles of friendship and service. But we know that every LCUS member has other ladies in her life that she is inspired by.

Our #ladieswhoinspire campaign encourages all members of LCUS to write out a postcard to a lady who inspires her and send it out. We hope this will be a cheery surprise for an inspiring lady out there and a reminder of the positive impact we have on eachother's lives.

So keep an eye out for one of our postcards from someone you've inspired. And, if you receive one, share it with us with #ladieswhoinspire. We cannot wait to hear all of the ways that we raise each other up as ladies and see how far our postcards can go!

A big thank you to our #ladiescircleinternational team for the constant inspiration and to #ladiescircledenmark, especially, for the wonderful idea of using postcards as a way to share the ladies circle message!