AGM Rotterdam 2019

Ladies' Circle International Group had asked us before the AGM in Rotterdam to post about our #dream, how we want to #achieve it and to #inspire!

Our President, Ling Marquardt, has been hard at work (and play) in Rotterdam this last week, and finally had time to tell us all about her dream before flying home to kick off the new Circling year!
Dear Ladies,

I still have a dream :) and that dream will carry on into the 2019-2020 Circling year.

My dream is to promote self-care and wellness among our Circlers, thereby inspiring others in our families and communities to do the same.

The American Heart Association, our national charity, recently published that about 48% of Americans have some form of heart or blood vessel disease. Lifestyle choices are the basis for many of the factors which lead to heart disease, such as an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, lack of sleep and high stress levels.

I hope to inspire others to very simply take better care of themselves and consider taking a personal ‘time out’ every day, if necessary. Think of it as an important meeting you schedule with yourself. This meeting could be time spent being active outside or at the gym. It could be a 15 minute meditation, or time with a good book or a chat over coffee (or wine) with a friend. Or maybe put away your phone and get some extra sleep!

We can’t know when we would need that personal ‘time out’ unless we know ourselves well enough to recognize our own limits. Once you have your own head and heart in the right place, can you be effective in helping others. And it's only once you accept your limits that you go beyond them - Albert Einstein

Love to all my Ladies out there and cheers to our beautiful diamond year of 2018/19! Here's to another amazing year pursuing our dreams xx

pics : The President of LCUS enjoying the festivities at the Ladies Circle International AGM with our godmother country, LC Norway! Thank you to all of our Norwegian sisters for being amazing supports and friends over the years!